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WORKSHOP Ljubljana 2018

StreetSpace is a research and teaching project at Queen's University Belfast, led by Dr Agustina Martire, which seeks to understand the significance of local mixed use streets, by analysing their physical, historical and experiential aspects. This multidisciplinary and international project aims to provide an alternative way of planning, preserving and developing streets.

Workshop - Ljubljana City Center Local Community Office – 24-25 October 2018

A two-day workshop to explore the complexity of Poljanska Cesta in Ljubljana. We will explore the street, its histories, narratives, fabric and uses; and the potential for projects that provide fair, accessible and diverse streets for all. Based on the methods developed in the previous workshops in Belfast, Naples and London, and the design studios in the Masters of Architecture, we will develop a series of activities that will lead us to new maps of Poljanska Cesta.



Wednesday 24th October


9.00 – Registration

9.45 – Opening speech Agustina Martire -

10.15 – group organisation

10.30 – derive walk


12.30 – Pecha Cucha talks


1.00 – lunch

2.00 – fieldwork in groups


Thursday 20th June


9.00 – Work in groups


12.00 – Pecha Cucha talks


12.30 – lunch

1.30 – work in groups – prepare map

4.00 – group presentations


5.00 – Reception

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