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StreetSpace Unit 2017-18

Agustina Martire and Pat Wheeler


School of Architecture –15 students

ARC7018 – MArch I studio I

ARC7022 – MArch I studio II

ARC7019 – MArch II studio III

ARC7020 – MArch II studio IV

ARC7021 – Thesis Research



School of Planning –22 students

EVP7020 - Design and Regeneration

EVP7024 - Planning in Contested Space


Team: School of Architecture (Agustina Martire-Pat Wheeler)/School of Planning (Neil Galway)

Consultant: Riccardo Marini (Gehl Architects)

Client: Department for Communities – Urban Regeneration Office/Belfast City Council




StreetSpace research project seeks to understand the significance of local mixed-use streets, by analysing their physical, historical and experiential aspects, and understanding the risk of losing their distinctive identities. This will be a yearlong collaborative live project, where MArch students will work together with MSc Urban Design and Urban Regeneration students, under a brief agreed with the Department for Communities and Belfast City Council. This multidisciplinary project aims to provide alternative ways of planning, developing and designing mixed-use streets.

Streets are complex entities that connect diverse areas of the city. They have evolved slowly through history, but redevelopment can radically transform them. This complex process can only be grasped by closely exploring  the different aspects that shape and define these streets. Architecture and planning students will be analysing North Street and Castle Street and the corridors that join them with the inner city Shankill and Falls Roads, to understand their present conditions and their potential. This analysis will look at six themes: Built heritage; housing and communities; agency and culture; commercial; public realm and movement and access.

The first semester will be a collaborative analytical studio joining architecture and planning students, while the second one will challenge architecture students to produce proposals for the area that will consider and enhance the diversity, vibrancy and spatial quality of the street.


Study trip – 13-18 November 2017 - NAPLES


Semester 1 – Planning and Architecture – analysis and strategies

Semester 2 – Architecture – strategies and intervention

Results of StreetSpace studio 2017-18 publication

Built heritage
7-Movement and Access Pres3
3-Presentation commercial pdf
6-Public Realm Naples Presentation
7-Movement and Access Pres
7-Movement and Access Pres2
4-Culture, Arts, Activism and Education presentation
StreetSpaceinNaples_final - 15
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